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This function forwards the case to a user, while also possibly changing its stage, unless this new stage would be invalid due to stage change restrictions. You can override (ie. ignore) this by checking „Ignore stage restrictions” rule operation right.




  • userLogin – (String) Login of the user to whom the case should be forwarded
    newStageName – (String) Name of the stage that the case is to be switched to.
    sendEmail – (Boolean) [Optional] Indicates if user should be notified by email about operation. (default = true)

Zwracana wartość

This function returns Boolean.
This function always returns true

Elementy powiązane


Przykład 1:

This will forward the case to user ‚rsimmons’ and change its stage to ‚validation stage’ and notify user by email.

ForwardCase("rsimmons", "validation stage");

Przykład 2:

This will forward the case to user ‚rsimmons’ and change its stage to ‚validation stage’, without email notification.

ForwardCase("rsimmons", "validation stage", false);

Przykład 3:

This will forward current case to the manager of current user and will not change case’s stage.

ForwardCase(GetManager(CurrentUser()), CurrentStage());